The Address Marbella Magazine is a property and lifestyle magazine designed for Drumelia Real Estate, a company with many years of experience within the luxury real estate market in Marbella on the Costa del Sol. The magazine showcases not only luxurious and prestigious real estate available for sale, but also provides market insight into the region for investment potential alongside interesting lifestyle articles. Published on a quarterly basis, The Address Marbella Magazine is presented in both Russian and English and reflects the chic, glamorous and exclusive lifestyle one can achieve by living here in Marbella..

The Collection Magazine  designed for Emporio Beds was designed as a sales and marketing tool to display all the brands available for sale but no necessarily held in stock in their showroom.  Used in conjunction with an online campaign The Collection Magazine  was able to promote the products of Emporio Beds to a wider much larger audience. 

​​​As a  contract publisher, we pride ourselves on our ability to  offer beautifully designed printed magazines tailor-made to suit your business needs. With our in-house design studios we  provide a one-stop-shop  for businesses encompassing graphic design, advertising sales, production and distribution. Meaning we effectively  simplify  the whole management and administration of your magazine from start to finish.

So what are the benefits of having your own corporate magazine?

A Classier Alternative

What’s more classy advertising in a magazine or having your own magazine? Having your own magazine gives the appearance your company and brand is bigger and better then it may necessarily be. Having your own bespoke magazine gives you more than just material to advertise, it gives you a great medium to tell your customers and potential customers more about your company and product, in a much classier way.

A Cheaper Alternative

There are many advertising publications around and trying to spread yourselves across all these publications quickly adds up. But by having your own magazine whilst you may initially have a large outlay you will in the long term get more back for what you spend - Plus it will enable you to  target your audience more effectively so no material is wasted.  

The Clash of Competing Brands

When any company initiates a marketing campaign, it is usually very careful about the prospective brands it may be associated with. For example, when you advertise in a lifestyle magazine, there’s a good chance that you will find yourself in between pages advertising many other products maybe some similar to the product you are offering. Larger brands always have to be careful about where they appear in a magazine, and sometimes, even the best planning and marketing strategies can go wrong. By having your own bespoke magazine, not only will  you eliminate such embarrassing accidents, but you can also brand your company better without any hassles and explain your brand better. This is one of the main reasons why most well-established companies have their own bespoke magazines to give away to their guests and customers.

Connections with Customers

This is one of the biggest reasons. Bespoke magazine are primarily created with an intention to communicate, spread ideas and get people to talk about your company. So, more or less, a bespoke magazine’s sole purpose is to help customers and potential customers understand more about your company,  to get them to start unconsciously thinking about your company  to talk about it and finally use it.

There is no better medium to spread ideas and get people talking  than a bespoke magazine.


Luxury Home Magazine is a bespoke magazine showcasing high end luxury furniture presented by Alexanders Collection Spain.  Published on a quarterly basis, Luxury Home Magazine is designed not only as a corporate catalogue of the luxurious brands sold by Alexanders Collection Spain but as a tool to promote their interior design services and building projects.